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Beyond the Clouds Korean Drama AKA The Full Sun

I’m always like watching new Korean Drama especially from first episode to middle of the story (like from first episode to 6 or 8 episodes). I don’t understand why most Korean dramas are good only in the first half but most sucks when the story is nearing to end. Just like Miss Korea, I stopped watching. I can’t bear to watch the ugly face of the male lead couple with his stupid attitude. I watched him in several dramas already but after knowing that he is the main male lead, I stopped. I don’t know but I really find Lee Sun-kyun a useless actor similar to Gong Yoo. Both should not star at title characters but supporting casts. Both have no appeal. Gong Yoo must star at antagonist all the time.

Beyond_The_CloudsAnyway, back to the main topic, after watching Beyond the Clouds’ first two episodes, I can tell that this drama is no special and just another story of hatred, revenge, betrayal, stupidity, power struggle, and the like. Romance is just secondary plot. This drama is all about vengeance and stupidity not of actors but of the writer. Why? Can Koreans make another drama without the things I mentioned above? Without watching the rest of the drama, once can already know what will happen at the end. That Han Young-won’s stupid father will pay the price for orchestrating the death of Gong Woo-jin, that Jung Se-ro will discover that Young -won has nothing to do with his father’s death, that Young won will discover that Jung se-ro did not stole the diamond ring. So what else is surprising in this drama? Continue reading

Passionate Love is Becoming Boring

I though this drama worth watching but after going through a lot of cliffhangers and scanning all 35 episodes, I finally put my full stop watching this drama. The title is becoming irrelevant and the plot is becoming redundant.

I am not really a fan of melodrama but I also don’t hate it. longer stories like this is worth watching only of the plot is well-organized and is going nowhere. but not this passionate love. Continue reading

Inspiring Generation Korean Drama

Inspiring Generation is a new South Korean Television Drama Series that started airing on January 14, 2014. It is projected to have 24 episodes and starring Kim Hyun-joong, Im Soo-hyang and Jin Se-yeon.

Inspiring_GenerationI only decided to watch this because there is no other new drama to watch aside from the ones already I am subscribing. The setting is 1930′s in Shanghai China. It depicts the friendship and patriotism of young Korean independence fighters.

Main characters

Kim Hyun-joong as Shin Jung-tae
Im Soo-hyang as Dekuchi Ga-ya
Jin Se-yeon as Kim Ok-ryun Continue reading

How I Become A Korean Drama Addict

Yes, that’s true. I am a certified Korean drama addict since 2007 and watched more than 100 Korean drama but I started only this Korean drama blog last year.

jumongThe year was 2007. I was employed in an auto manufacturing company as manufacturing supervisor when my co-worker brought CDs of  American series Prison Break. Since both of us Continue reading

Emergency Couple is Full of Laughter

emergency coupleThis is a new drama and I just watched the first Episode several minutes ago and this drama kills me. Not only that I missed to watch Song Jihyo but also I wanted to see the hot Choi Yeo-jin.

Song Ji-hyo – Oh Jin-hee
Choi Jin-hyuk – Oh Chang-min
Lee Pil-mo – Gook Cheon-soo
Choi Yeo-jin – Shim Ji-hye
Clara – Han Ah-reum
Kwon Min – Kim Min-ki
Yoon Jong-hoon – Im Yong-gyu
Park Joon-geum – Chang-min’s mother
Continue reading

My Love From Another Star Episode 11

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youwhocamefromstarsIt looks like everyone is waiting for this particular episode after the episode 10 ended with Lee Jae-kyung trying to shoot Do Minjoon. This drama is turning into action rather than romance.

Anyway, as a short summary here, Jekyung failed to kill Minjoon as the later dodge and disappeared. He then strikes Jaekyung and the later lost is consciousness leaving facial bruises. Continue reading

A Little Love Never Hurts (Give Love Away)

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A_Little_Love_Never_Hurts-This drama has different titles I think depending on how you translate it. A Little Love Never Hurts, Give Love Away, and Will you Love and Give it Away, are among some common titles but it looks like the first one is often use. This drama has 50 episodes and I actually had no plan to watch it due to its length but I decided to do so. Give Love Away has a lot of cast.

Cast (I only listed the main characters)

Hong Soo-hyun as Song Mi-joo
Lee Sang-yeob as Jung Jae-min
Shin Da-eun as Eun Ha-kyung
Seo Ji-seok as Eun Ha-rim
Park Geun-hyung as Jung Hyun-soo
Cha Hwa-yeon as Hong Soon-ae

Although I am a little bit late to start watching this drama, after watching the first 2 episodes I decided to continue. Now I’m on Episode 7 and will probably finish all available episodes within 2 days if I have enough time.

There are a lot of characters/families involved as this is a long drama having 50 episodes but the flow of the story is good enough to convince me to watch.

The thing that I like about this drama on its earlier stage is that, there is no hate, vengeance, greed, and the like. I can’t even tell who the antagonist is as Hakyung is also a fine lady with a good heart on her own. I can tell how excited I am to watch the remaining episodes available online.

If you are looking for a more sensible drama with a good plot, I recommend watching A Little Love Never Hurts. Stay tuned for more updates. I will only write my full summary once all episodes are completed.

I Need Romance 3 – To Watch or Not To Watch?

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I-Need-Romance-3Although I watched only parts of the previous 2 versions (I need Romance 1 and I need Romance 2), I took a plunge and watched the first 2 episodes of I Need Romance 3. The main reason is that, there are two actresses that I like to see (Kim So-yeon and Yoong Seun-ah). I was surprised with this drama. Most dramas have limited kissing scenes but this one has a lot.

The first episode was chaotic and I can’t really figure out until the they aired the flashback regarding the two main leads. So Yeon looks old but extremely hot. I guess I’ll watch this drama only if I have time.

I need Romance 3 Characters:

Kim So-Yeon as Shin Joo-Yeon
Sung Joon  as Joo-Wan

Namgung Min as Kang Tae-Yoon
Wang Ji-Won as  Oh Se-Ryeong
Park Hyo-Joo as Lee Min-Jung
Yoon Seung-Ah as Jung Hee-Jae
Park Yoo-Hwan as Lee Woo-Young

After the second episode, this drama is getting hot and steamy. Watch out for the next episodes.You can watch I need Romance 3 online3 at or or you can download it online at Continue reading

Can We Love Korean Drama – Eugene Stars Again

Eugene Kim Yoo-jin 6Eugene is getting older but her gorgeous face and body is getting hotter. The main reason why I watch this drama and plan to follow is her. I only watched episode 1 and plan to continue tomorrow but I can already say that this drama has a potential to be one of the best dramas of 2014. It looks like a story about 3 best friends who entangled into a complicated life and romance as the drama continues.

This drama includes a good lists of casts:

Jung Wan (Eugene)
Sun Mi (Kim Yoo Mi)
Ji Hyun (Choi Jung Yoon)
Oh Kyung Soo (Uhm Tae Woong)
Ahn Do Young (Kim Sung Soo)

Because of the nature of the above characters, I expect this to be a melodrama.  Let’s see after watching the remaining 3 available episodes until the succeeding chapters are uploaded soon. You can watch Can We Love in other streaming sites like gooddrama, dramacrazy, and dramaload.

Update: After watching the first 2 episodes, I think I’ll have to pass on with this one. I like Eugene but the story seems to vague for me. There are lots of characters to consider. I have no  time figuring it out as I have other dramas to watch. If you have time you may continue. I am sure this drama has a good story if you have a little patience but I’ll just have no time to continue.


You Who Came From the Stars – Best Drama of 2013/2014?

You_Who_Came_From_the_Stars_CoverI’m not really a big fan of Jun Ji-hyun but because I respect her a lot, I decided to watch this drama. Another reason is that Kim Soo-hyun is one of my favorite actors. After the first 4 episodes, I think the age difference between the two main lead actors are obvious. Jun Ji-hyun looks too old for Kim So-hyun. Anyway, there are some parts on the first and second episodes that I really don’t like and sometimes hard to understand. I am talking about the earlier times when the scenes are occasionally changing back and forth.

Alternate Title: My Love From Another Star

Lists of Characters:

Jun Ji-hyun as Cheon Song-yi
Kim Soo-hyun as Do Min-joon
Park Hae-jin as Lee Hwi-kyung
Yoo In-na as Yoo Se-mi

Although I only watched the first 4 episodes (currently watching the episode 5), I can say this drama can be the best drama of 2013 and 2014. Why? because Jun Ji-hyun is the main lead and the ratings per episode is actually very high compared to other dramas. Continue reading